Middletown High School Floral Design, will be making arrangements for families, teachers, staff as well as community members interested in participating in the “Floral Club”.  The purpose of this club is to give students purpose as well as pride for the arrangements they produce.  MHS prides its self in training students for a career in the floriculture industry, working hard to produce QUALITY work at a discounted price!

On the following page you will find an order form to fill out, please place it along with your check in an envelope and drop it in my (Karen Jones)box or take your check directly to the ASB Controller (Tina Rockwell) in the library.
It's easy to join Middletown's Floral Club:

1. Fill out and return paperwork to the MHS Librarian by the due dates.
           Payments due:      
           1st installment - September 1st  - $100.00
           2nd installment – January 15th  - $100.00
   check payable to: MHS Floral Design.  
2. Fill out and return paperwork via the mail by the due dates.

Middletown High School
c/o Karen Jones, Floral Club Arrangements
20932 Big Canyon Rd
Middletown, Ca  95461

Delivery dates for 2019
September 25 & 26
October 24 & 25
November 13 & 14
December choices wreath/centerpieces
          December 3 & 4 (wreath)
          December 20 & 21 (centerpieces)
January 16 & 17
February 5 & 6
March 12 & 13
April 9 & 10

*dates are subject to change

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